Miles College Vesper 2023 1

VESPER Service Returns at the Home of Southern Beauty

On Sunday, August 13, 2023, Miles College celebrated its 2023 Fall Semester VESPER Services. These services were held at the First Baptist Church of Fairfield. With close to 400 new students enrolled this semester, and more than half, attending, the event was truly special and marked the beginning of an exciting journey for our incoming students as they officially became part of our Golden Bear family. 

The VESPER Service is a cherished tradition that symbolizes the seamless transfer of new members into our academic community. It is a moment of unity, reflection, and inspiration as we embark on a new academic year filled with promise, learning, and growth.

As we gather to welcome our incoming students, we also acknowledge the unwavering support of our current students, faculty, staff, family, and friends. Your continuous dedication and commitment to our institution contribute significantly to the vibrant tapestry of our academic community.

The Fall 2023 VESPER Service holds a special significance for us as we continue our institution's 125th anniversary celebration. This remarkable milestone reflects the enduring spirit of excellence, innovation, and collaboration that has been at the heart of our institution since its founding.

We take pride in the achievements of the past and eagerly anticipate the accomplishments that lie ahead.

With the beginning of this new academic year, we renew our commitment to providing an environment where all students can thrive, learn, and achieve their goals. We look forward to witnessing the growth and enrichment of each student, and we remain steadfast in our mission to empower individuals to become leaders and contributors to society.

Once again, we thank everyone who joined us in celebration and camaraderie. We thank Chairman Heath for bringing forth such an invigorating sermon. Your presence serves as a testament to the strong bonds that connect us as a community. Let us move forward together, embracing the challenges and opportunities that await, and nurturing the spirit of unity that defines our Golden Bear family.

We are looking forward to a rewarding and successful academic year ahead!