Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences


How can social institutions be improved? How might we create positive social change? Investigate these and other questions as you develop diverse cultural perspectives, hone your verbal and critical acumen, and pursue a commitment to social justice. From social work to counseling, criminal justice to international affairs, a degree in this division prepares you for meaningful work and lifelong learning.

Majors & Minors


  • Through study of the liberal arts, this multidisciplinary program prepares you for a career in law enforcement, corrections, the legal process, and service. You’ll get a thorough grounding in both theory and research—highly desired skills in the field.

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  • Through the rigorous study of history, you’ll gain pre-professional skills in historical content, analysis and interpretation and oral and written communication.

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  • Delve into politics with coursework that covers everything from American government to international relations to research methodology. You’ll learn to think critically as you develop a grasp of national and international structures, ideas, diversity and the quickening pace of globalization.

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  • Social work courses explore how we can enhance the quality of life for vulnerable individuals, families and groups—with a focus on African American communities and other diverse populations. From counseling to case management, home care to mental health, this degree opens up diverse career paths.

    FCAI SP 23 Form-AS-4(B)

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  • Criminal Justice Minor
  • International Studies Minor
  • Political Science Minor
  • Pre-Law Minor
  • Psychology Minor

Clubs & Organizations

Criminal Justice Student Association

Connect with other students to learn more about trends in criminal justice, and prepare for careers in the field.

Alpha Phi Sigma

Open to juniors and seniors with a minimum 3.1 GPA, this criminal justice honor society promotes academic excellence, community service, and educational leadership. You’ll participate in extracurricular activities related to public affairs and political science.

Political Science Club

Join this club for meetings, special programs, media presentations and guest lectures that promote interest and endeavors in political science. Open to all students.

Model NATO Program

This simulation of the proceedings of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization provides a unique opportunity to study the activities of NATO and hone your skills in international relations and comparative politics.

Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Club

Any student interested in the law can join this club for meetings and programs.

Social Work Interest Club

Social work majors and other students interested in social justice come together to implement service projects, promote unity within the department and plan fundraisers and social events that will benefit fellow Mileans.

Pi Alpha National Honor Society

Social work majors who achieve sophomore status, complete eight semester hours of required classes and achieve an overall 3.0 grade average in the core curriculum (with a 3.25 grade point average in required social work courses) may join this national honor society.

Other Clubs

Public Policy Leadership Academy

Political Science Honors Society

National Black Students Law Association

Other Opportunities


Students in this division have interned in city governments in the Birmingham metropolitan area and in Montgomery with the state legislature. Others have interned with Project Vote Smart in Montana at the Ralph Bunch Summer Institute at Duke University and the White House.

Study Abroad

Several of the division’s majors are affiliated with the Center for Academic Excellence and have benefitted from the program, including overseas study.