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Academic Divisions

Miles College is organized into six divisions. Each division has its own faculty, and offers a range of majors and minors. Once you have chosen your major, you'll be studying within one of these divisions.

Our Divisions

Combine the fundamentals of business with hands-on learning and the technology that matters most in today’s business world. A major in this division prepares you for a career in business, entrepreneurship or accounting, or you can pursue graduate studies in these fields.

Learn how to research, analyze and communicate in the Information Age. Whether you focus on graphic design or the written word, you’ll gain practical skills that translate to careers in marketing, journalism, and all facets of modern-day media.

Whether you dream of teaching math, English, biology, music or another discipline, start building the foundation for your future. This division offers 10 majors that combine subject-specific classes with supervised teaching opportunities that lead to a teaching certification.


Explore human values — including creative expression — with a critical lens. You’ll come away with a better understanding of humanity, poised for a career or further studies in education, marketing, theater and more.

Whether you choose mathematics, chemistry, management information or another major, you’ll gain practical skills in research, computer and technological literacy. Your studies prepare you for medical or dental school, or a career in healthcare and business.

From criminal justice to social work, history to political science, coursework in this division focuses on people — past and present. Why do we behave as we do? And how do we change? Prepare for a career or further studies in social work, education, criminal justice and more.