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Admissions and Enrollment

Admissions Information

The College is interested in educating individuals dedicated and committed to meeting academic challenges and becoming active members of a learning community. An open-door admissions policy is part of its educational commitment.

General Education Diploma (GED)

General Education Diploma (GED) recipients are admitted into the institution on the basis of a satisfactory score. Prospective students must submit an official GED transcript, scores, and all other admission-required documents.

Admission Procedures

Prospective students planning to enter the College should apply online at www.miles.edu. In addition, the student needs to provide one of the following: either an official high school/college transcript, high school diploma, General Education Development (GED) transcript. Submission of ACT or SAT scores is strongly encouraged. If the admission process is not completed prior to the designated date, applicants are expected to bring all forms requested when reporting to the Office of Admissions prior to registration. Admission applications are available on the College website: www.miles.edu.

Transient Student Admission

A student enrolled at another institution may be enrolled as a transient student at Miles College. The student may secure permission from that institution to enroll at Miles College for one term only. Transient students must submit an application for special admission and a completed Transient Student Form from their parent institution prior to admission. Enrollment as a transient student in no way implies future admission as a regular student at Miles College.

International Student Admission

The College is a SEVIS-certified school authorized under federal law to enroll International Students. International Students are advised to inquire about admission one year in advance. The Office of Admissions must receive all necessary credentials and the Business Office must receive advance tuition and fees. SEVIS will submit a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 Form).

Placement Test

The submission of ACT and SAT scores is strongly encouraged of all students attending college for the first time. Students without official ACT or SAT scores are required to take the Accuplacer Placement Test. This assessment is designed to test knowledge in English, Mathematics, and Reading. Questions are given in each subject area to test the level of placement.

Advanced Placement

The College accepts college-level courses offered by the College Board Advanced Placement Program and has passed the National Examination of the College Board.

Students enrolled in high school with dual enrollment in college-level courses will be admitted as any other high school student. (See also Academic Policies and Procedures).

Readmission For Returning Students

A transfer student is any student entering the College for the first time but known to have previously attended a post-secondary institution at the same level. To qualify for admission as a transfer student, one must be in good standing at the previous institution. Official transcripts must be sent to the Office of Admissions before registration.

Transfer credits are awarded to grades of C or above and to courses equivalent to those offered at Miles College. An official high school transcript and test scores are required for students who have earned fewer than 30 semester hours at the previous institution.

Non-Degree Seeking (Unclassified) Students

A non-degree seeking student is a student registering for courses without becoming a candidate for a degree. Such students are subject to the same entrance regulations, fees, and course prerequisites as degree-seeking students. To become a candidate for a degree, the prospective student must complete all requirements for admission.


Institutional scholarship information is available for students. (Refer to Financial Information.) 

Orientation and Advising

New students enrolling in the College are required to participate in an orientation program that will assist them with their transition to Miles College. Prospective students who have questions not specific to admission requirements before enrolling may contact the Counseling, Advising, and Testing Center for assistance.

Catalog Year and Readmission

Students who have been inactive for 4 or more years or students who have transferred or attended another institution since enrolling at the College, will be readmitted under the current catalog year in effect at the time of readmission.


Students are guided by the catalog year of their initial admission to the College. The program of study is guided by the catalog year in which the student chooses a major discipline. Students who are continuously enrolled have 6 years to complete a degree program under the catalog year they were admitted to the College. Students who do not complete degree requirements in 6 years, may be subject to degree requirements under the next or most recent catalog in effect.

Statute of Limitation

All students who have not registered for 4 or more consecutive years are required to follow all regulations and requirements being enforced at that time of re-enrollment. All official transcripts from each subsequent institution of higher education should be submitted. Before readmission is granted, the returning students should give specific reasons for their absence.

False or Fraudulent Statements

In addition to any other penalties which may be imposed, an individual may be denied admission or further registration and the College may invalidate transferred college credit work done by a student based upon such credit if it finds that the applicant has made false or fraudulent or incomplete statements (omissions) in his or her application.