Mother Daughter Article

Mother-Daughter Duo Graduates from Miles College

A mother and daughter's journey through college together is a beautiful and unique experience as it's not something you see every day. It is an opportunity for the two to bond, share their love for learning, and achieve academic goals as a team. Shuanya and Destiny Shepherd encouraged each other through challenging courses, celebrated achievements, and offered emotional support during their Miles College undergraduate journey. This shared experience formed a formidable bond between this mother and daughter duo as they progressed to graduate from the Miles College class of 2023!

The mother and daughter duo learned from each other's perspectives and experiences. While Shuanya may have years of life experience, Destiny has a fresh outlook on current issues and new ideas. The duo helped each other learn and understand different subjects and the campus by sharing their insights and familiarity.

Shuanya described challenging moments, balancing school work with her personal life. Shuanya juggled her parenting responsibilities, classes, and workload, while Destiny balanced her studies, social activities, internships, and more. However, working together through school allowed them to manage their time and responsibilities more effectively. They also provided each other with emotional support when times were tough.

Ultimately, Shuanya and Destiny's journey through college together was not just about earning a degree. It was about a shared experience of growth and discovery, creating memories they will cherish forever. It was about showing that learning and self-improvement are lifelong pursuits, no matter your life stage. The duo achieved their academic goals by obtaining their degrees. Shuanya received her Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration, and Destiny received her Bachelor of Psychology. The memories this mother-daughter duo created will last a lifetime at the Home of Southern Beauty, Miles College.