Trip to Japan

Miles College Scholars Experience International Travel

Fairfield, Alabama — Miles College students had the honor of visiting Japan at the recommendation of Mark Jackson, the Honorary Consul of Japan. The Kakehashi Project is a government-funded grassroots exchange program designed to bring groups of Americans to Japan for engaging, focused, and customized experiences. In Japanese, Kakehashi means building bridges.

“We are proud that our scholars had the opportunity to embrace Japanese knowledge and culture,” said Bobbie Knight, President of Miles College. “These are the types of experiences we seek for our students. It allows them to learn on a global level while also creating memories that will last for a lifetime.”

Nine students and two administrators made up the Miles College delegation. This experience is paid for by the Japanese minister of foreign affairs to participate in their Japanese Exchange Program. Miles College is the second HBCU in Alabama to participate in this program after students from Talladega College completed the study tour in December 2019.

The students return from their trip on January 24th. It is anticipated that each student will present their experiences at a campus-wide event following their return.