Miles College Receives Grant from Alabama Power for Critical Technology Needs

In December 2020, Miles College announced the receipt of a grant from Alabama Power and its parent, Southern Company, to support the Miles College Empowerment Center for Digital Excellence in Careers and Education, known as the M-Power Center. 

The M-Power Center will allow students and faculty to learn, train, and regularly engage with the newest cutting-edge technology. The center will focus on STEM education, capacity building, and training components.  

“This grant will help us improve our technology capabilities and continue to innovate to meet our students’ needs.”

Bobbie Knight, Miles College President

An e-sports training arena, student support technology services and a help desk are among the other features planned for the M-Power Center, which will also have computers and Wi-Fi access available for students. 

“We are very pleased to receive this generous grant from Alabama Power and Southern Company,” said Bobbie Knight, Miles College President. 

Alabama Power and Southern Company are honored to be part of a growing group of corporate and philanthropic partners that have increased support for HBCUs in the wake of COVID-19 and mounting calls for racial justice. Both businesses believe deeply in the importance of HBCUs in higher education and in their impact on economic development, innovation and American life. 

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