100,000 Check from the President

Miles College President, Bobbie Knight, Gifts $100,000 to Comprehensive Campaign Fundraiser

Miles College, over the course of 125 years, has played a pivotal role in the education of diverse communities, with a particular emphasis on people of Color, thereby positively influencing Western Jefferson County, Fairfield, and its surrounding community. Moreover, the College has actively engaged in and hosted events and initiatives during the Civil Rights Movement on its campus, serving as a steadfast pillar of safety and cultural stabilization for present and future generations.

In its nascent stages, Miles College exhibited a notable majority of female enrollees, culminating in the graduation of Mrs. Willie Selden McDaniel in May 1918, marking her as the first woman to attain a bachelor's degree from Miles Memorial College. During the academic year 1909-1910, the College educated 139 female students out of a total enrollment of 158. Despite being an institution that continuously has a high enrollment of female students, it was not until 2019 that Miles College welcomed its first female President, with the interim selection and subsequent permanent appointment of Bobbie Knight. Miles College’s current student body is currently 52% females and 47% males. Notably, upon assuming the presidency, Knight's leadership prompted a transformative financial upswing for the institution, catalyzed by a generous $1 million donation from NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. 

President Knight's tenure has not only been marked by her success in securing significant contributions from major corporations, donors, and sponsors but also by her financial commitment to the student body. At the 2023 Homecoming halftime presentation, President Knight, alongside first gentleman Gary Burley, gifted a substantial sum of $100,000 to the ongoing Miles College Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign and Community Development Fund. Launched after a commendable silent phase that secured $101 million towards the College. The public phase aims to secure an additional $25 million, contributing to five key objectives: $10 million for scholarships and tuition assistance, $5 million to enhance academic programming, $4 million for building renovations and North Campus development, $3 million for the endowment, and $3 million for community development.

President Knight, renowned for her transformative leadership at Miles College and prior Senior Executive positions, continues to catalyze positive change, setting an exemplary standard for others to emulate. For those desiring to contribute to the Miles College Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign and Community Development Fund, detailed information can be found at www.miles.edu, or inquiries may be directed to campaignoffice@miles.edu.