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Miles College Offering Transfer Opportunities to Neighboring Birmingham Southern College Students

Fairfield, Alabama - March 27, 2024 - As a pillar in the greater Birmingham Metropolitan area for more than 160 years, Birmingham Southern College(BSC) has deeply impacted its students, faculty, alumni, and community. As a fellow institution of higher education, Miles College wants to ensure that BSC's legacy will be remembered. Miles College is fully invested in supporting Birmingham Southern students in this transition. We open our doors to all students who want to continue their college career at the Home of Southern Beauty.

Miles College will offer an effective transfer process to all eligible students currently enrolled at Birmingham Southern College. This transfer process will be available immediately, beginning with our June 3, 2024, Summer Session. Any Birmingham Southern student interested in transferring to Miles College will receive our free application fee, expedited review, transfer credit evaluation, and a New Student Transfer Fee waiver. Our Transfer Admissions Team will work diligently with each student to offer the best competitive financial aid package including the Bridge scholarship based on available funding and eligibility. 

The Office of Academic Affairs will effectively work with Birmingham Southern students' transfer credits to develop a timely degree completion plan. Coordinators, Academic Advisors, Academic Chairs, and Deans will work closely with affected students to apply their credits to the appropriate degree program and facilitate the transfer process based on each eligible student's unique needs.

Miles College will adjust its application deadlines to accommodate affected Birmingham Southern students. Birmingham Southern students interested in transferring to Miles College are encouraged to apply for transfer as soon as possible and to contact the following administrators with further questions:

Miles College
Bobbie Knight

Miles College
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dr. Tonya Perry 

Miles College
Vice President of Enrollment Management
Charles E. Stallworth

Miles College
Director of Admissions and Assistant Director of Admissions/Transfer Coordinator 
Edward Howard and Jean Jeanfaud