Miles College Launches “Mobile Life” Student Success initiative

Miles College is launching its “Mobile Life” Student Success initiative to create a more innovative co-curricular learning and teaching environment for its students and faculty.

As a part of that initiative, the College will provide all full-time students enrolled during the Spring 2022 academic semester with iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil, and AirPods Pro at the beginning of the Spring 2022 academic semester.

“We are confident that this investment in our students will position them for a better future and a sustainable learning experience.”

Miles College President, Bobbie Knight.

By equipping students and full-time faculty with iPad Pro and accessories, the College plans to bridge the digital divide and level technological advantages. The initiative will also enable professors to collaborate with students in new, innovative ways and improve the overall learning experience. Enhanced opportunities for students to connect, communicate, and interact with peers and faculty will help drive deeper learning while simultaneously making it easier to navigate the college experience. 

A Digital Transformation

Professional learning activities will be provided to faculty and students. Apple is assisting in delivery and deployment services. Miles College is also a part of the HBCU C2 initiative through Apple’s Community Education Initiative, designed to enhance coding, creativity, and workforce opportunities amongst all learners at Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

“The Mobile Life initiative is the first step in actualizing the college's digital transformation strategy that focuses on building an accessible learning environment for all of our students,'' said Michael Johnson, Miles College Chief Innovation Officer. “We’re focused on creating an intentional learning environment by using iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil and AirPods Pro to create an experience that students can access anywhere and anytime.”

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