Miles College Launches Milestone, a New Academic Marketplace for Credentials and Certifications

Fairfield, Alabama, May 3, 2024 -- Miles College, a renowned institution of higher education committed to academic excellence, student success and workforce development, is excited to announce the launch of Milestone, its highly anticipated online marketplace of skills, certificates and credentials. According to President Bobbie Knight, “this new initiative aims to provide students and professionals with valuable skills and knowledge in specialized areas, opening doors to enhanced career opportunities and professional growth.” Milestone offers current students, alumni, faculty and staff, corporate professionals, and local employees a range of non-credit courses and credentials. Users can access a library of hundreds of online credentials aligned with the fast-changing needs of today's workforce.

"Colleges and universities must ensure that students can compete in an increasingly fast-changing, and often volatile, labor market," said Dr. Marjorie Hass, president of The Council of Independent Colleges. "Augmenting degree pathways in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and sciences with skills, experiences, and credentials give students a holistic education and a competitive edge in the workforce."

The launch of Milestone comes against a backdrop of surging demand for—and acceptance of—non-degree credentials among students and employers. Research indicates learners are interested in accessing more workforce-relevant courses and certifications, but new programs remain costly and difficult for institutions to create and launch on their own. A 2023 survey from the Higher Learning Commission found that nearly 73% of its institutions offer non-degree credentials, while 25% offer them with the help of external content providers.

To help meet the growing demand for micro-credentials among students and employers, Miles College has partnered with leading course-sharing provider Acadeum to offer its own digital catalog of non-credit offerings. Milestone extends these non-credit academic offerings and credentials to current students and alumni. The platform also creates return pathways for stop-out learners. Milestone’s course offerings are underwritten by providers like MedCerts and Coursera. Milestone will also offer home-grown courses from its parent institution, Miles College.

Milestone leverages cutting-edge technology that enables colleges and universities to seamlessly share courses and academic resources across national and regional networks through strategic partnerships with organizations like the Council of Independent Colleges, the League for Innovation in the Community College, and the Southern Regional Education Board's HBCU-MSI Course-Sharing Consortium.

“Milestone is an excellent addition to the academic offerings at Miles College, as it allows us to meet the demands of the modern professional world,” said President Knight. “This new platform is designed to empower individuals with the practical skills and expertise needed to excel in their desired fields.” To learn more about Milestone, please visit

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