Student Paying Attention

Miles College Expands Academic Offerings To Drive Our Future Workforce

Fairfield, Alabama – [June 25, 2024] – Miles College is thrilled to announce several new initiatives designed to enhance the educational experience, prepare students for graduate studies, and supercharge the next workforce. The introduction of these new degree programs, modernized curricula, and innovative course offerings lean into legacy and set the course for future leaders.

As we look forward to the 2024-2025 academic year, Miles College is excited to embark on this new chapter of growth and innovation. "As President, I, the Provost, the Miles College Board of Trustees, along with the college’s faculty and staff, remain dedicated to continuing our legacy of excellence and providing our students with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed," stated President Bobbie Knight. To this end, the college has a new program and two minor offerings for Fall 2024 and Masters Programs in two disciplines in the Pipeline for the near future.

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies - Miles College is expanding its undergraduate offerings with a new major in Interdisciplinary Studies. The Interdisciplinary Studies major integrates multiple disciplines to provide a comprehensive, interconnected learning experience, fostering a broad understanding and versatile skill set for our students. This will be implemented Fall Semester 2024.

Minors – Minors in Sports Management and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Both will be implemented Fall Semester 2024.

1. The Sports Management Minor - offers an interdisciplinary education in the business, operational, and administrative aspects of the sports industry. This program is particularly beneficial for scholar-athletes who wish to continue their careers in the sports field, even if they do not advance to professional league play. The option to pursue a minor in Sports Management and immediately apply for a Master's degree in the same field is a significant recruitment and
retention tool for the college.

2. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Minor – Through this minor, students will gain an understanding of what generative AI is and how it works. It will equip students with the
knowledge and confidence they need to assist in transforming organizations into innovative, efficient, and sustainable companies of the future.

Graduate Programs (Masters) in the Pipeline - For the first time in the history of Miles College, in the near future, we will be offering a Master's degree in two disciplines:

1. Master of Science in Management (MSM) with a concentration in Sports Management. The Master’s degree in Management will prepare scholars for managerial roles in the sports industry. This program combines a core management curriculum with specialized sports-related coursework, equipping students with the skills needed for leadership positions in this dynamic field.

2. Master of Arts in Religious Studies (M.A.) - The MA in Religion offers students exposure to theoretical approaches to the study of religion while deepening their knowledge of a specific religious tradition or pursuing in-depth engagement of religion with another related discipline or a professional field.

Commitment to Advancement and Connectivity

Miles College is committed to being a leader in educational advancement and connectivity. By intentionally expanding our academic offerings to meet the specific needs and desires of our students, we ensure that our institution remains at the forefront of higher education. The introduction of these new programs is a testament to our dedication to providing relevant, high-quality education that prepares our students for success in their chosen fields.

In addition to the new Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, minors in Sports Management and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the two Master’s programs in the pipeline, Miles College is committed to its mission and extracurricular college activities to ensure student success. "As I step into my first full-term school year as Provost, I couldn’t be more optimistic about the future here at the Home of Southern Beauty. The students have the desire to be their best selves and came to this college trusting our faculty and staff to aid them in that effort, and we are. Miles College continues to be a leading visionary in the academic space, and we will not slow down anytime soon," stated Dr. Tonya Perry, Provost.

Perspective students should contact our admissions office at or at (205) 929 - 1656 to enroll now.