Miles College Becomes Community Center for Coding

In partnership with Apple’s Community Education initiative and Tennessee State University’s HBCU C2 initiative, Miles College will become a Community Center for Coding. As part of the initiative, Apple is supporting Miles College with equipment and professional development to help the college become the pre-eminent HBCU C2 community center to bring coding and creativity to Fairfield, Alabama. 

Faculty leaders from Miles College will learn about coding and app development. As part of that ongoing professional development, educators will explore innovative ways to engage with learners using Apple’s comprehensive curriculum, which utilizes its easy-to-learn Swift programming language.

“We truly appreciate Apple’s leadership in recognizing the pivotal role Miles College and HBCU students will play in the future of global technological advancement and innovation, particularly through supporting and fostering this first-of-its-kind coding partnership,” said Bobbie Knight, Miles College President. “Being aligned in a strategic partnership with the largest technology company in the world will undoubtedly prove an invaluable asset to our graduates as they go on to compete in the global competitive technology marketplace.”

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