What to Bring to Campus Housing

Student Housing at Miles

Congratulations! We are proud to welcome you to Miles College campus housing. 

The Residence Halls

The residence halls are equipped with recreation rooms, TV’s in the lobby areas, study areas, and refreshment machines located in the recreation area. All residence hall rooms are furnished and designed to house two or three students, or four students in a suite. Laundry facilities and recreational areas are located in the basement and/or on the first floor of the residence halls. Cable television and personal phone service has been installed in the individual rooms. 

Reserving Your Spot

Residence hall space is allocated in the order of receipt of room reservation fees. If you request a roommate, fees for both students must arrive at the same time. 

Complete your housing application as soon as possible.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure the appropriate Financial Aid is in place to cover your housing expense. Your room assignment is subject to change based on your ability to cover the cost of your assignment.

What to Bring

For your convenience, we’ve listed both required and optional items to optimize your stay in campus housing. Use this as a checklist before you arrive on Move-In Day.

Miles College is not responsible for lost or damage to personal property, at any time.  We recommend students secure renters insurance in the event your personal property is lost or damaged. 

    • Pillow                                                                                
    • Bottom Sheets (twin long)
    • Top Sheets (twin long)
    • Comforter (twin long)  
    • Light Blanket                                                       
    • Twin Mattress Pad                                                          
    • Bath Towels    
    • Face Cloths          
    • Clothes Hangers   
    • Waste & Laundry Baskets     
    • Broom/Mop/Pail/Dust Pan
    • Iron/Ironing Board      
    • Bath Robe   
    • Shower Shoes             
    • Umbrella/Raincoat     
    • Academic Supplies
    • 3 locks                                              
    • Shower Curtains/Rod (Bass/Snorton/ Stewart/Reddick Halls)
    • Bath Mats (Bass/Snorton/ Stewart-Reddick Halls)
    • Tooth brush/paste, mouthwash,                                                                            
    • Soap, bathroom tissue, Clorox,                                                                                
    • Laundry detergent/softener,                                                                                 
    • Room freshener, deodorant                                                                                      
    • Cold medicine, aspirin                                                                                                 
    • Prescribed medication
    • Refrigerator (small)
    • Microwave (small)
    • Television
    • Personal computer
    • Area rug

What Not to Bring

Only some electrical appliances may be used in student dorm rooms: radio, television, typewriter/computer, tape recorder, clock, hair dryer, razor, electric toothbrush, and styling irons. 

Electrical appliances which may not be used include: heating pads, hot plates, waffle or sandwich makers, George Foreman grills, deep fryers, or any appliances not specifically listed above, unless special permission has been obtained from the Dean and Vice President of Students Affairs

What to Expect

We are looking forward to your arrival. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, clean, convenient and supportive home away from home. We also strive to deliver interesting and fun programming for your stay on campus.

Our Residence Assistants have been busy training and preparing to ensure they are equipped to support you. Get to know the RAs in your hall and remember they are here to guide and support you, so feel free to ask them anything. In return, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the guidelines in the housing and student handbooks. 

“A dorm is where you sleep; A residence hall is where you LIVE”

At Miles College, we view residence as much more than accommodations. Over the years, residence alumni keep telling us that one of the best parts of college was the lifelong friendships they made in the residence. By living with us, you are choosing to be an active member in an inclusive community and you have the opportunity to help shape it so you and your fellow residence students can have a great experience. This includes attending events, making use of the facilities and getting to know your neighbors.