Transfer of Credits

Students transferring to Miles College should know the following:

1. Miles College accepts transfer credits earned at institutions that have regional accreditation and in which the student has earned a grade of “D” or higher. Transferrable courses with a grade of “D” will apply to degree requirements the same as continuing students. Students will only receive for credit the maximum hours applied to the course at Miles College.

2. A maximum of 64 semester hours of credit for courses completed at the freshman and sophomore levels will be allowed from a community/junior college toward degree requirements.

3. Students who transfer upon completion of the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science programs may be admitted to Miles College and granted junior level standing in accordance with pre-approved transfer guides with corresponding programs of study (or major). A 2-4 Transfer Articulation Agreement has been approved for students transferring from Alabama community colleges. All other transfer courses will be reviewed based on course descriptions.

4. A maximum of 90 hours is transferable from a regionally accredited four year institution.

5. Prior to Fall 2008, Miles College did not accept for credit hours courses that were classified as remedial or developmental. Developmental courses do not satisfy hours toward the degree requirements.

6. Students ordinarily receive no transfer credit for courses designed specifically for technical and vocational career programs or experiential learning.

7. Grades earned in transfer courses will show on the permanent record at Miles College from the transfer institution but will not be used in calculating Miles College grade point averages.

8. Any courses taken for credit at another institution while a student is enrolled at Miles College must have prior written permission of the student’s division and academic dean in order for the credit to be accepted toward the fulfillment of degree requirements. See Transient Student.

9. Students must complete a minimum of 25% of the required degree hours at Miles College (minimum 30 semester hours) to establish residence status. The last 12 semester hours prior to graduation should be taken at the College.