Costs & Aid

Costs & Fees

Your basic charges, fees, housing, and special charges will depend on your enrollment and residence hall choices. Below you can see estimated average costs for the school year 2021–22.

See a more detailed cost breakdown.

Estimated Costs School Year 2021–22

2020-2021 Cost of Attendance

2021-2022 Cost of Attendance

How Aid Works

You may be eligible for four types of financial aid: Grants, Work-Study, Loans, and Scholarships. Your family's financial situation, your GPA, and other variables will determine which you qualify for and how much you receive.

  • A grant is a sum of money awarded to you by the federal and/or state government, based on financial need. You'll never have to pay back a grant as long as you stay enrolled during the semester for which you received the grant. Financial need is determined by the FAFSA (see below), and is awarded automatically if you are eligible.

    Alabama residents may also be eligible for certain state grants.


    Federal Grants

    Federal Pell Grant

    Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (Available to students who have attempted fewer than 120 credits.)

    Federal TEACH Grant (Available to education students who plan to teach in a high need area.)


  • The federal government offers students who have financial need the option to work in a job on campus to help pay for college expenses. Financial need is determined by FAFSA.

  • If your grants (and work study if you opt for it) don’t cover your college costs, you can apply for a federal loan to close the gap. You will have to repay your loans, but most federal loans at Miles are subsidized by the government, and have lower interest rates than private loans. Both students and parents can take out subsidized federal loans to cover college costs. Your eligibility for a subsidized loan is determined by the FAFSA.

  • Unlike grants, work-study, and subsidized loans, many scholarships are awarded based on academic or athletic strength. A scholarship is a gift and does not have to be repaid, as long as you remain enrolled for the period that the scholarship covers. Miles College offers several scholarships. To be considered for one, you'll have to complete and submit the FAFSA.

    Scholarships are also available through organizations like the United Negro College Fund, and some labor unions, corporations, and large employers. You can browse scholarship opportunities at collegescholarships.org.


  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is the form that your family must complete and submit in order to be considered for most types of federal student aid, including Miles scholarships.

    See FAFSA Step-by-Step

  • Financial need is the gap between the cost of the college you want to attend and your family's financial situation. Your FAFSA determines the amount of that gap.

    After you submit your FAFSA, the government calculates your "Expected Family Contribution" to college costs, or EFC, based on your family's income, number of children in the family, and other factors. Grants and other types of aid are awarded based on the gap between your EFC and the cost of the college you plan to attend

Miles College offers a limited number of renewable academic scholarships to incoming freshman and community college graduates who have excellent academic records and outstanding promise. These scholarships are designed to help you pay for college after all other forms of financial aid have been determined. Institutional Scholarships are awarded on a first come first serve basis. After you are admitted, your acceptance letter will inform you of your scholarship status.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be considered for a scholarship, you must complete and submit

  • Your Miles College application along with required transcripts. (See How to Apply)
  • Your SAT/ACT test scores. If you elect not to send a test score, you will not be eligible.
  • Your FAFSA


In order for transfer students to qualify for scholarships, they must:

  • Submit your college application along with required transcripts.
  • Attend only 1 college prior to enrolling at Miles.
  • Graduate from a 2 year community or junior college.

Scholarship Renewal

Scholarships are renewable each year while you are at Miles, as long as you maintain continuous enrollment of no less than 15 hours per semester and a required cumulative grade point average, or GPA, if applicable.

Scholarship Details
Scholarship Name Required GPA Required ACT Required SAT Award Details Renewal Requirements
Presidential Scholarship (Eligible for High School graduated Only) 3.7 24 1190 Covers Tuition, Room/Board and Books 15 hours per semester 3.2 GPA
Dean Scholarship 3.2 20 1050 Total Award: $20,000.00 Per Year: $5,000.00 Per Semester: $2,500.00 15 hours per semester 3.1 GPA
Bridge Scholarship 2.75 Test score required/ no minimum requirement Test score required/ no minimum requirement Total Award: $10,000.00 Per Year: $2,500.00 Per Semester: $1,250.00 15 hours per semester No minimum GPA requirement