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Division of Education

The Division of Education's mission follows the college's mission to ensure that teacher education candidates "seek holistic development that leads to intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and service-oriented lives.
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Division of Education

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Education follows the mission of the college to ensure that teacher education candidates “seek holistic development that leads to intellectual, ethical, spiritual, ad service oriented lives. This includes providing a liberal arts curriculum along with content mastery courses and teaching pedagogy that maximize the diversity and creativity essential to teacher education. Faculty professional involvement with candidates contributes to a learning environment that stimulates the life-long learning that undergirds teaching effectiveness. The Division manifests this concept by providing opportunities for candidates to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions that they will need to work effectively with students in P-12 schools. 

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Division of Education

Diversity Statement

Candidates from all diverse backgrounds and perspectives will be well-served by this course. Candidates’ learning needs will be addressed both in and out of class, and the diversity that candidates bring to this class will be viewed as a resource, strength, and benefit. All content, materials and activities will be presented in a manner that is respectful of diversity: gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, culture, perspective, and other background characteristics.

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Field Experience and Clinical Practice Statement

Field Experience and Clinical practice is the beginning of a training experience that offers the Teacher Candidates a supervised environment in which to observe. New skills will develop, and the candidates will polish professional skills already acquired. Each Teacher Candidate will be assigned to a school or center for a school-site observation by the Director of Field Experience and Clinical Practice. The Alabama State Department of Education requires documented clock hours for field experience. Teacher Candidates are expected to be timely, dress professionally and behave and speak in a professional manner at all times.


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General Social Science Education


Bachelor of Music/Education

Bachelor of Music/Education Instrumental

Collaboration and Development program within the Division of Education:

  • Band-in-a-Box is a music creation software package for Windows and macOS produced by PG Music Incorporated, founded in 1988 in Victoria, British Columbia. The software enables a user to create any song and have it played by professional musicians playing real instruments.