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Miles Marks Major Milestone with North Campus Prep



Miles College marks a major milestone in its growth when contractors began the demolition of the former Lloyd Noland Hospital. College President George French was on hand to operate a construction tractor that took out the first wall in the abandoned medical center during a special ceremony. "The administration is pleased because this is the first opportunity in 100 years to build a planned community," French said of plans for the 41-acre site that doubled the size of the existing campus. The Lloyd Noland property is adjacent to Miles.

The college raised $30.6 million in the first phase of its Miles Ahead fundraising campaign. It's a comprehensive effort with a number of components, including acquisition of the Lloyd Noland property and site development.

The hospital was established in November 1919. Noland was a pioneering doctor of industrial medicine who came to Jefferson County to fight communicable diseases, such as malaria and typhoid, which were rampant among the iron and coal workers at the time.

College officials are still working on plans and logistics. Proposed facilities for the first phase include a health and wellness center with a child development center, and an international studies and public policy building. 

Once demolition is completed - projected for this fall - it will take three to five years to construct these first buildings. The health and wellness center would include a fitness center with an indoor track, auditorium, gymnasium and possibly an Olympic-sized swimming pool, French said.

The child development center, primarily for faculty, staff and students, would be more than a day care, French said. It would offer preschool programs for the children and student teaching opportunities for education majors.


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