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Miles Ahead Campaign



“The  administration  is  pleased  because  this  is the first opportunity in over 100 years to build a  planned  community,"  President  George  T. French, Jr. said of plans for the 41-acre site that doubled  the  size  of  the  existing  campus.  The North Campus  property  is  adjacent  to  the  cur-rent Miles College campus.

 The  college  raised  $30.6  million  in  the  first phase    of    its    Miles    Ahead    fundraising campaign,   a   comprehensive   effort   with   a number  of  components,  including  acquisition of the North Campus and site development.


 Proposed facilities for the first phase include a health   and   wellness   center   with   a   child development   center   and   an   international studies and public policy building. It will take three  to  five  years  to  construct  these  first buildings.


 Miles College received a $700,000 grant from Housing  and  Urban  Development  to  aid  the Miles    College    Community    Development Corporation  (CDC)  to  develop  housing  and commercial property in Fairfield, Alabama. Miles College  has  incurred  no  debt  in  the multi-million dollar endeavor of the purchase, demolition,   and   site   preparation   of   North Campus.




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