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Miles College graduate Army Lt. Colonel La Fran (Fran) Marks

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Miles College graduate Army Lt. Colonel La Fran (Fran) Marks
Miles College has produced talent in all realms of endeavors, including education, politics, music, sports, and so much more. This Veterans Day, we’re highlighting Miles College graduate Army Lt. Colonel La Fran “Fran” Marks. Army Lt. Colonel Marks spoke with our resident Army enthusiast, Faculty member and Academic Affairs Communications Director Jacqueline Gray Miller. Here’s an excerpt from their conversation: 
Jacqueline: There’s so much we can talk about but let’s start with the basics. 
What’s your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), 
Army Lt. Colonel Marks: An 11A which is an Infantry Officer. As an Infantry Officer, I’m responsible for leading Infantry Soldiers at all levels of command and combined armed forces during missions on the ground. 
Jacqueline: You have an impressive military career, and you have served as an escort to the POTUS. Share what you can about both.
Army Lt. Colonel Marks: I’m currently stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia, and serve as Deputy Commander, 199th Infantry Brigade. I have also served as the Deputy Commander, Task Force South East. In that position, I held responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the organization with focus areas of building teams and improving systems. I’ve risen through the ranks, and seen some of the most beautiful and chaotic places on earth. From Greece to Baghdad to Iraq and beyond, the Army has afforded me travel and experiences only 1% of the US population can relate to. 
Jacqueline: Wait – what can you share about escorting a president? 
Army Lt. Colonel Marks: I escorted the POTUS for ceremonial missions, not personal security missions. My assignment at The Old Guard is probably my most memorable. I was privileged to serve those resting in Arlington National Cemetery and be in the company of some of the most influential leaders in the world, which included the POTUS.
Jacqueline: Which president? 
Army Lt. Colonel Marks: Bush. 
Jacqueline: Which Bush – the daddy? 
Army Lt. Colonel Marks: No the son, George W. Bush. Bush 43. 
Jacqueline: Copy that. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Please 
share some of your fondest memories about your alma mater, Miles College. 
Army Lt. Colonel Marks: There are so many memories that come to mind. At Miles College, I learned the importance of being a good writer. Which in part, led me to co-Author: Mission Command in Multi-Domain Operations.  Political Science was always interesting to me and a number of my professors made the subject come to life with their respective teaching styles.   
Jacqueline: How soon can we get you to come home, come back to speak to the students at Miles College?
Army Lt. Colonel Marks: I’m available when you call. 
Jacqueline: You are an amazing Milean – and we thank you for your service to our country. 
To learn more about Army Lt. Colonel Marks’ distinguished military career, visit his LinkedIn page at linkedin.com/in/lafran-marks-25351745 and follow him on Twitter at @LafranMarks

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