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Statement from Miles College President Bobbie Knight

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Statement from Miles College President Bobbie Knight:
I was elated to receive a call from Senator Doug Jones that the United States Senate has passed a bill that will permanently provide annual funding to Miles College and Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the country.
The amendment to the FUTURE Act will ensure that the Title III program, which provides substantial funding to Miles College, remains funded by Congress. The passing of this legislation will have a profound impact on Miles College and its current and future constituents. The funding provided by Title III assists the College in providing programs and infrastructure that is needed to provide our students with the quality education that they deserve and come to expect. Additionally, legislation was approved that will simplify the FAFSA application for our students. While we still wait for the House of Representatives to pass the legislation, I have received assurances that this will happen in the very near future. 

Miles College is appreciative of the diligence of Alabama Senator Doug Jones and the Senate Education Committee, which worked to produce this amendment to the FUTURE Act.

Read more about the amendment to the FUTURE act here.

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