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Happy Ten Year Anniversary to IPAT

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The Institutional Planning and Assessment Team is an important College committee that was established by President George T. French, Jr. at the Leadership Planning Conference on May 21-23, 2007 in Marietta, Georgia.


IPAT is a catalyst for leading College units in planning with objective assessments and synchronizing budgets, clarifying institutional assessment parameters, developing assessment formats for aggregation, and adhering to the College planning cycle.  IPAT also acts, in essence, as an advisory committee and planning body to the College and particularly the planning of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. 


IPAT provides an opportunity for administration, faculty and staff personnel to become familiar with and participate in the College’s strategic plan and the essential nature of these roles in making that happen. 


IPAT is an enviable institutional planning committee in that the Team has been recognized by our peer institutions, i.e. our SACSCOC Visiting Committee and consultants from sister institutions, as a premier planning body given its scope, inclusiveness, and effectiveness in informing institutional growth and continuous enhancement. Such celebrated and noted achievements include initiatives from installation of campus security kiosks, to aid in the safety of the campus community, to space needs analysis supporting the vision of our President in his leadership to develop three simultaneous campus facilities to serve our students now and for generations to come.


A key to IPAT is to be an actionable committee that can work efficiently. Committees are integral to all things procedural, and as such, IPAT is accountable, active and ready to act as a functional College planning body.


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