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Miles College Library launches the New Kindle Fire HD for Checkout

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Over the past 20 years, the academic community has witnessed a shift from print-only journal articles to electronically available journal articles. Today, libraries hesitate to purchase journals that are only available in print because the format does not meet patron needs and expectations. The book, however, has been slower to migrate over to this format. It is only recently that we have seen a milestone in the history of the book. In 2011, Amazon announced that Kindle ebooks have surpassed the sale of all their printed books, replacing their previously most popular format--the paperback. 

To provide an opportunity for our patrons to interact and become more familiar with emerging electronic book technologies, the Learning Resources Center has acquired and made available for checkout twelve Kindle Fire tablets. In addition to supporting our goal to provide more access to materials in electronic format, the Kindles will also provide a way for the library to increase access to high-demand titles in the collection. 

Twelve Kindle Fire tablets are available to be checked out for a 2-week loan period. At the time of check-out, patrons will be asked to sign the LRC Electronic Device Policy and Circulation Agreement. These Kindles are loaded with a mix of popular fiction, course assigned literature, and non-fiction titles; examples include 12 Years a Slave, The Invisible Man, The Book Thief, Things Fall Apart, and Outliers: the Story of Success.

To see what is currently loaded on the Kindles, Check-out the Kindle Fire catalog record

If you have suggestions for Kindle titles, please let us know by contacting Candice Murdock.



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