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Gandhian Principles and Approaches to Internationalization: A Colloquium with Tushar Gandhi

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Miles College has strategically worked toward achieving the objective of embarking upon the goal of internationalizing our institution. We now live in a society where human activity and engagement is no longer isolated by borders or ethnicity. Internationalization is here to stay, and the terrain of internationalizing our campuses is no longer optional. The College frequently organizes symposia focusing on global topics that expose the students, faculty, staff, and community to international issues, which will further pique their interest. This colloquium will provide Miles College students and the community with a worldly perspective and an awareness of other cultures.


Tushar Gandhi, great-grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, will share with Miles College students, faculty, staff and the community how humanitarian influence transcends time, race and geographical boundaries. His presentation will showcase Gandhian principles with an emphasis on solving issues amicably and through love, and how those principles set the tone for many other leaders around the world in general and Martin Luther King in particular, in their quests for justice through peace. Tushar Gandhi’s presentation will be interspersed with personal anecdotes passed onto him through the Mahatma Gandhi lineage that have helped influence, shape and develop his philosophical and social perspectives.

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