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Jordan Lewis, Hometown Hero

Article Date:
Alumni Spotlight, MILEAN
Jordan Lewis didn’t have to go far to find success in college. His mother is a Miles College alumnus and he grew up in Fairfield, AL just minutes away from the college campus. Lewis, a starting running back on the conference champion Golden Bears football team, began his collegiate career across town at Samford University, but later decided to transfer to Miles. “As an athlete, it just didn’t work out for me at Samford. Miles gave me a second chance. There aren’t many colleges that will do that,” he said. “In attending Miles, I realized that you don’t have to go far to do something positive. It’s not necessarily where you go, but what you do when you get there.” Because of the time he spends practicing and training for his performance on the football field, Lewis said he doesn’t have a lot of opportunity for other activities. He goes out to volunteer at area schools and will do his student teaching in the fall of 2012. Lewis said he is also looking for other opportunities to get involved in service activities.
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