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Meet Ba-Shen T. Welch


Cuttack Office - Globalization is the reason that is leading to sharing of education strategies between countries according to Associate Professor, Dr. Ba-Shen T. Welch from Miles College in Alabama, America. The School of International Studies housed in the Department of Political Science at Ravenshaw University hosted a discussion on “The United States and India: Public Policy, Anti-trust Policies, and Social Responsibility”. At this event, the chief guest, Welch had said that in the eighties and nineties, America had established itself as a strong leader in the world as far as economy is concerned.

Now, countries like India and China are establishing themselves as strong nations economically and in the field of education; especially, India has been developing in both these spheres at a rapid pace. In the field of education, India has not only improved itself, but has also placed itself competitively at par with other nations. She also mentioned that because of the MOU signed between Ravenshaw University and Miles College, the students of both the colleges are being able to understand each other better not only socially and culturally, but are also getting a better understanding about education in both the countries. This event was organized under the leadership of Asima Sahu, the Chairperson of the Political Science Department at Ravenshaw University in which the welcome address was given by Niranjan Barik and the vote of thanks was given by Kamalakanta Das. Other professors from Miles College, Professor Digambar Mishra and Professor Josna Mishra were present at the meeting along with Dr. Srilata Narayan from Columbia University and Netaji Abhinandan. In the year 2009 and MOU was signed between Miles College, America and Ravenshaw University, India to promote academic and research exchanges between the two institutions.