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Position Description

Division of Communications


Position Description



Position Title: Administrative Assistant

Department: Division of Communications

Purpose: Perform clerical functions that assist in operating the Communications Division


Detailed Functions:

The responsibilities are as follows:


  1. perform Divisional secretarial duties including, but not limited to, answering telephone and in-person queries, processing and proof reading documents, taking notes and writing meeting minutes; maintaining events calendar, appointment schedule, travel itineraries, correspondences, and document files; processing online functions, including requisitions; assisting faculty and students; and performing other tasks under the directives of the Division Chair.
  2. perform duties relating to, but not limited to: maintaining and administering the Division's digital equipment, such as cameras and tripods; assisting students with checking-out, checking-in, and using the equipment and accessories; and facilitating the purchase and repair of the equipment and accessories.
  3. perform administrative duties of the Public File Copy Administrator for the Miles College radio station WMWI-FM including: following the rules of the Federal Communications Commission applicable of the PFC; recording the the names, addresses, phone numbers and comments of individuals who telephone, e-mail, address letters to, or otherwise make their input known concerning the operation of WMWI-FM; adding listener comments to the PFC every two weeks and maintaining the information for three years including updating and filing quarterly in the PFC information concerning the station’s programing; maintaining the Ownership Reports consisting of applications, renewals, and licenses particularly during periods in which the FCC processes such documents; maintaining the latest versions of all records for eight years plus the time required for the FCC to approve renewals of the station’s license; maintaining additional records and updating Ownership Reports, Annual Employment Reports, a donors' list, political file, and local public notice announcements; reviewing and completing the FM Broadcast Station Self-Inspection Checklist; and performing other duties related to WMWI-FM as assigned by the Chair of Communications.
  4. perform duties of the administrator of Divisional programs such as the Summer High School Multi-Media Journalism Camp and Miles Media in the Summer, which is a workshop teaching media skills to the public. The duties include: supervising all aspects of the program, constructing the budget and ensuring the programs operate accordingly, registering participants, driving or otherwise chaperoning students who participate in extra-curricular activities, answering or otherwise responding to questions posed by interested parties, ensuring participants follow the College's rules and policies and experience a safe environment, assisting presenters, creating documents relating to the program, overseeing the collection and maintenance of records, assisting with producing publicity materials, and performing other duties as assigned by the Division Chair.



At minimum, a high school diploma or GED and at least two years of full-time experience working as a secretary, administrative assistant, or in a similar occupation. The successful candidate must demonstrate knowledge and skills in most of the following: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and/or Publisher.


Reports to:

The employee's immediate supervisor is the Chair of the Division of Communications.