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Position Description

Director/Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research  Miles College is accepting applications for the position of Director/Assistant Director of Research, Outcomes, Assessment, and Institutional Effectiveness (ROAIE). This position requires a minimum of an earned master's degree, preferably an earned doctorate from an accredited institution with practice in regional accreditation, assessment of academic and nonacademic units, strategic planning, and quality enhancement plan. This position also requires the capability to work cooperatively with all internal and external stakeholders of the College. The Director/ Assistant Director of ROAIE will facilitate campus-wide trainings, workshops, and assessment clinics for continuous improvement in institutional quality and institutional effectiveness. The hire will also provide assistance to academic and nonacademic units in the development and assessment of program results. This position provides significant, timely and accurate information to the administration and faculty in support of the program review, planning, budgeting and decision-making process at the College. 

Essential tasks and Job responsibilities:
   » supervise the functions of the Office of Research, Outcomes, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (ROAIE). 
   » Help ensure compliance with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Colleges (SACSCOC).
   » Manage the College's online Assessment Management System, Strategic Planning Online (SPOL), including professional development for faculty and staff on use of platform. 
   » Provide hands-on training and campus-wide workshops on the use of the SPOL system.  
   » Develop and implement a comprehensive system for assessing the effectiveness of the College's programs and services, including surveys, national tests, data reports, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and research designs in order to make recommendations for institutional improvements. 
   » Provide support to the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) through data collection, analysis and reporting.  
   » Work closely with the President and the President's Cabinet with various special initiatives. 
   » Work with faculty and academic administrators to plan, design, and implement continuing assessment of student learning results for the improvement of teaching, learning, and instructional programs. 
   » Work with unit/department heads in the development and assessment of program results for continuous improvement in the quality of programs/services provided and overall institutional effectiveness. 
   » Assist academic support units with the assessment of learning support/initiatives and related student learning results. 
   » Provide support for discipline-specific and professional accreditations (e.g., National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)-Division of Education, Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)-Department of Social Work, and Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)-Division of Business and Accounting). 
   » Coordinate research efforts with other college offices and personnel. 
   » Assist in the development and direct research and planning activities for institutional effectiveness measures and continuous improvement of the College.  
   » Research, plan, evaluate, and recommend new program opportunities for the College. 
   » Assist in the development of quality enhancement plan, program review, survey research and assessment. 
   » Interpret results and trends using a variety of techniques, ranging from simple data aggregation via descriptive statistical analysis to complex data mining and advanced statistical analysis.  
   » Ensure proactive data collection methodology in conformity with industry requirements, standards and trends. 
   » Prepare, update and expand the collection of comparative data and peer indicator. 
   » Coordinate the collection, analysis, and reporting of data as needed for internal and external entities (e.g., student recruitment, enrollment, retention, graduation rates, admissions, and financial aid). 
   » Aid in collection and analysis of data for Federal, State, NCAA and other mandatory other agencies as directed.  
   » Respond to ad-hoc requests for institutional data or policies from internal or external individuals or organizations. 
   » Perform other tasks as assigned. Minimum Qualification Requirements:
   »   Earned master's degree, preferably an earned doctorate degree, from an accredited institution with five to seven years of practice in quantitative and qualitative research designs, statistical analysis, reporting, and regional /professional accreditation. 
   » Must possess excellent computer expertise and data analysis software such as SPSS, SAS, Excel, and Access. 
   » expertise of the Strategic Planning Online (SPOL) assessment system. 
   » capability to work some evenings and weekends.

Send the Resume/Portfolio to:

The Office of Strategic Initiatives
Email: osijobs@miles.edu