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The Division of Humanities offers a major in English, a major in Theatre and two in Music (B.A. in Music, B.M.E.). The English major is a program which affords the options of earning a liberal arts degree in English or a Bachelor of Science degree in Language Arts Education, with the State of Alabama Class B Secondary Teaching Certificate. A student is eligible for the Bachelor's degree in any of the two areas upon satisfactory completion of a prescribed General Education Program of the College and the specific requirements of the Humanities Division. In addition to the three major programs, the Division offers an English minor, Music minor, Religion/Philosophy minor, African-American Literature/Studies minors, and Drama/Theater minor.

Division Mission: Through multiplicative offerings of art, dance, drama, English, foreign languages, humanities, music, religion, and speech, the Humanities Division Mission is to graduate students with and to sensitize students to the vast array of cultural arts and to the variety of religious creeds –Christian ethics in particular –and to enable all students to matriculate through the College with standard English proficiency and strong critical thinking, speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

DivisIon Chair: Anthonia Adadevoh



The English program is designed to graduate students with strong critical thinking and communication skills achieved through the knowledge of the various literary genres, and the relating of the literary texts written by major authors to global, social, cultural and historical contexts in which they were produced using theoretical perspectives. Minor in English. A minor in English consists of 18 semester hours of English.

EN 099: Basic Grammar [Credit Hours: 3] This course is designed to provide instruction in basic writing and grammar. Through this course, students will learn how to write effective sentences and paragraphs.
EN100: English Fundamentals [Credit Hours: 3] This course is designed to develop skills, knowledge, and abilities required for potential success in learning college-level English concepts to successfully enter and complete college-level courses. This class will bridge the gap between EN 099 and EN101.
EN 101: English Composition I [Credit Hours: 3] This course is concerned with fundamentals of grammar and with the improvement of reading and writing skills. A selection of essays is used. Students also study a novel and write five essays in a variety of rhetorical modes. Those who need assistance with special problems may receive help in the Center for Writing Across Miles. Prerequisite: A 'C‘ or above in English 100 or a satisfactory score on placement tests
EN 102: English Composition II [Credit Hours: 3] This course is concerned with fundamentals of grammar and with the continued improvement of reading and writing skills. Students will write essays in several rhetorical modes and will write a researched essay. They will also study a novel. The passing grade is ‗C‘ or above and a passing grade on the EPE. Students may receive help in the Center for Writing across Miles. Prerequisite: A passing grade in EN 101
EN 201: Introduction to Literature [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 202: World Masterpieces [Credit Hours: 3]
HON EN 240(H): Comparative Modern Literature [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 298: Writing and Speaking for the Classroom Teacher [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 299: Practice in Writing [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 301: Grammar and Linguistics [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 305: Advanced Composition [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 320: Creative Writing [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 351: Shakespeare [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 352: English Renaissance Drama [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 355: Modernism [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 361: American Literature I [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 362: American Literature II [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 365: African-American Literature I [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 366: African-American Literature II [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 370: Jewish-American Literature [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 372: The Short Story [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 375: Drama [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 380: African-American Contemporary Writers from 1970—Present [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 390: Poetry [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 400: African American Autobiography [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 401: British Literature I [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 402: British Literature II [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 403: Comparative African and African-American Literature [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 439: The Novel [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 449:. Senior Seminar [Credit Hours: 1]
EN 451: Literary Criticism [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 460: Topics in Literature [Credit Hours: 3]
EN 490: Internship [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 200. Theatre Practicum [Credit Hours: 1]
TH 300. Theatre Practicum [Credit Hours: 1]
TH 400. Theatre Practicum [Credit Hours: 1]
TH 209: Oral Interpretation [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 210: Beginning Acting [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 211: Movement I [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 260: Introduction to Theatre [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 261: Play Production [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 280: Plays on Film [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 301: History of the Theatre I [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 302: History of the Theatre II [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 308: Beginning Playwriting [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 309: Educational Theatre [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 310: Scenic Design and Painting for the Stage [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 315: Makeup Design and Prosthetics for the Stage [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 320: Lighting Design and Audio Engineering [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 325: Costume Design and Construction [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 342: Advanced Theatre/Studio [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 360. Special Topics/Workshops in Theatre [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 402: Advanced Acting [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 405: History of American Musical Theatre [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 410: Directing I [Credit Hours: 3]
TH 460: Script Analysis [Credit Hours: 3]
Music Education
Arts in Music
MU 099: Music Fundamentals [Credit Hours: 3]
MU 100: Recital Attendance Class [Credit Hours: 0]
MU 101: Introduction to Musical Structures I/Lab [Credit Hours: 4]
MU 102: Musical Structures II/ Lab [Credit Hours: 4]
MU 120: Class Voice [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 131: Keyboard Musicianship I [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 132: Keyboard Musicianship II [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 200: Music Appreciation [Credit Hours: 3]
MU 201: Advanced Musical Structures III/Lab [Credit Hours: 4]
MU 202: Composition and Analysis [Credit Hours: 4]
MU 203: Jazz History [Credit Hours: 3]
MU 209: Inspirational Singers [Credit Hours: 1]
MU 210: College Choir [Credit Hours: 1]
MU 211: Jazz Improvisation I [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 211: Jazz Improvisation II [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 212: Band [Credit Hours: 1]
MU 213: Jazz Band [Credit Hours: 1]
MU 215: Opera Workshop [Credit Hours: 1]
MU 216: Chamber Ensembles [Credit Hours: 1]
MU 231: Keyboard Musicianship III [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 232: Keyboard Musicianship IV [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 251: Music Literature I [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 252: Music Literature II [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 300: Choral Composition and Arranging [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 301: Orchestration and Arranging [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 302: Basic Conducting [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 303: Introduction to Music Education [Credit Hours: 3]
MU 304: Form and Analysis [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 305: Music Technology [Credit Hours: 3]
MU321: Voice Diction [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 322: Vocal Pedagogy [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 351: Music History I [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 352: Music History II [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 356: Music Methods P-12 — Instrumental [Credit Hours: 3]
MU 357: Music Methods P-12 — CHORAL [Credit Hours: 3]
MU 361: Church Music Literature [Credit Hours: 3]
MU 362: Church Music Administration and Methods [Credit Hours: 3]
MU 371: Woodwind and Brass Techniques [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 372: String and Percussion Techniques [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 403: Senior Project [Credit Hours: 1]
MU 404: Advanced Conducting — Instrumental [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 405: Advanced Conducting — Choral [Credit Hours: 2]
MU 413: Senior Recital [Credit Hours: 1]
MU 444: Senior Seminar [Credit Hours: 1]
MU 445: Directed Teaching and Observation of Music at the Elementary and Secondary School Levels/Choral and Instrumental Music [Credit Hours: 12]



The Alpha Lambda Mu chapter of Sigma Tau Delta
Drama Club
MENC Collegiate (The Music Society)