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Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Concentrations in Digital Journalism, Graphics Design, Integrated Public Relations, and Business Communications.

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What is Mass Communications?

   Mass Communications represents one of the most significant and important processes, industries, and tools for human consumption, not only in the United States, but in other countries around the world. Communications concerns the mass media, which are the channels through which information and entertainment are disseminated. Channels include television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the internet. Products and ancillaries of communications are graphic design, public relations, digital journalism, and business communications. The Division of Communications has a concentration focusing on each of the ancillaries.
   Mass Communications comprises the means by which content travels from media sources to the public. Mediated information is necessary to function in a democracy, especially in the United States which prides itself on being a free and open society. For example, the public needs to know what government officials and other powerful individuals and organizations are doing. Digital journalism provides a mechanism for obtaining such information. In addition, Division's the other concentrations, Graphic Design, Integrated Public Relations, and Business Communications, also equip students to tell stories through images, control media, uncontrolled communications, and the press.
   Under the Majors' Tab is a description of each of the four concentrations. Each description is followed by a list of the 15 required courses (45 hours) for each of the concentrations. The XCO course code denotes communications elective.

Division Chair: Bala Baptiste, Ph.D.


Communications with a Concentration In

Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism is a concentration that involves journalists telling stories of public importance and interest concerning issues, individuals, companies, and government. It communicates messages verbally and with moving pictures. In essence, Digital Journalism is television news. Students learn how to produce TV news programs by studying course content in Introduction to Digital Video, Broadcast News Writing, Television and Digital News Reporting, and News Producing and Presenting, among others. The specialization prepares students for jobs includingnews reporter, videographer, news producer, digital content manager, and web and social media manager.

GB 211 Intro to Business Applications                          3
CO 305 Intro to Public Speaking                                  3
CO 345 Photographic Imaging                                     3
CO 350 Intro to Public Relations                                  3
CO 360 Broadcast & Digital News Writing                    3
CO 410 Broadcast & Cable Programming                     3
CO 421 MC-TV: Studio Lab                                          3
CO 365 TV & Digital News Reporting I                         3
CO 372 TV & Digital News Reporting II                        3
XCO 771 Communications Elective                              3
XCO 772 Communications Elective                              3
XCO 773 Communications Elective                              3
XCO 774 Communications Elective                               3
CO 417 News Producing & Presenting                          3
EN 301 Grammar & Linguistics                                     3
TOTAL                                                                     45 hours


Graphic Design

The Graphic Design concentration involves communications that use print media, still photography, motion software, and other computer applications to combine images and words to convey creative messages. The computer-produced creations are used in the digital production of flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, Web content, and text alterations. Courses include Digital Image Manipulation, Logo Design and Drawing, Motion Graphic Design, and Photographic Imaging. Advertising firms, print publications, the film industry, and online media companies hire individuals who are proficient in  Graphic Design. Graduates are prepared to work jobs such as graphic artist, art director, and multimedia animator. 

GB 211 Intro to Business Applications              3
CO 305 Intro to Public Speaking                       3
CO 345 Photographic Imaging                          3
CO 340 Advertising                                          3
CO 355 Print News Reporting                           3
CO 390 Digital Image Manipulation                  3
CO 430 Scriptwriting                                        3
CO 356 Milean Lab                                           3
CO 405 Logo Design & Drawing                       3
XCO 771 Communications Elective                   3
XCO 772 Communications Elective                   3
XCO 773 Communications Elective                   3
XCO 774 Communications Elective                   3
CO 495 Motion Graphic Design                        3
CO 315 Print Layout & Design                          3
TOTAL                                                        45 hours


Integrated Public Relations

The Integrated Public Relations concentration prepares students to create persuasive messages disseminated to various targeted audiences. The messages, dispersed through brochures, press releases, newsletters, annual reports, and other means, intend to motivate internal and external publics to think positively and behave predictably in regard to the desires of a company, organization, or public figure. Required courses include Professional Communication, Social Media Management, and Public Relations Strategies and Tactics. Among PR jobs are public information officer, special events coordinator, social media manager, and PR practitioner.

GB 211 Intro to Business Applications                    3
CO 340 Advertising                                                3
CO 350 Intro to Public Relations                             3
CO 355 Print News Reporting                                 3
CO 390 Digital Image Manipulation                        3
CO 430 Scriptwriting                                              3
CO 356 Milean Lab                                                 3
CO 451 Public Relation Strategies & Tactics            3
CO 385 Professional Communication                      3
CO 465 Social Media Management                          3
XCO 771 Communications Elective                          3
XCO 772 Communications Elective                          3
XCO 773 Communications Elective                          3
CO 352 Public Relations & Message Design             3
CO 315 Print Layout & Design                                 3
TOTAL                                                                45 hours

Business Communications

The Business Communications concentration entails the skills and knowledge of the marketing and management functions for mass media companies. Students learn how to communicate proficiently as well as acquire knowledge relating to management functions for mass media companies and non-media operations. Courses include Principles of Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Management, and Telecommunications Management. Graduates are qualified to compete for employment at non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, and communications regulatory agencies. Specific jobs include account executive, human resources director, customer service representative, unit manager, marketing director, and FCC investigator.

GB 220 Intro to Business Mathematics                   3
GB 338 Business Communication                           3
GB 365 Legal Environment of Business                   3
MG 381 Principles of Management                         3
GB 340 Principles of Marketing                               3
CO 305 Intro to Public Speaking                             3
CO 355 Print News Reporting                                 3
CO 410 Broadcast & Cable Programming                3
CO 460 Broadcast Regulation                                 3
CO 415 Telecomm Management                             3
XCO 771 Communications Elective                         3
XCO 772 Communications Elective                         3
XCO 773 Communications Elective                         3
MG 390 Organizational Behavior                             3
MG 490 Management Internship                             3
TOTAL                                                                 45 hours 


Faculty List - Faculty



Communications Club Communications Club consists of majors and non-majors who are interested in moving beyond the classroom and getting involved in activities that are communications centered. The Club meets twice per month and is engaged in projects and programs including forums, fundraisers, conferences, trips to media outlets, community programs, and training sessions led by media professionals.
The Milean The Milean is the campus student newspaper. Both majors and non-majors staff the paper. The publication is produced three times per semester. It develops students' skills in all aspects of print journalism, including layout, design, photography, reporting, editing, and management. Publishing articles and producing page layouts are excellent enclosures to put in the Senior Portfolio and employment applications. The Milean
MC-TV: Studio MC-TV: Studio is a television program produced by the Division of Communications. The show runs on the campus's closed-circuit cable operation. MC-TV: Studio is a news magazine utilizing student on-air talent in both pre-and-post production. Programs highlight entertainment and informative events as well as happenings on campus and in the community.
Miles College Association of Black Journalists Miles College Association of Black Journalists is an affiliate student chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists. MCABJ works under the auspices of NABJ which represents the interests of African Americans in the field of mass communications. NABJ offers scholarships, internships, mentoring, multimedia short courses, student projects, and networking with journalists.
Lambda Pi Eta Lambda Pi Eta is a national honor society intended to recognize, foster, and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in mass communications. Other purposes are to stimulate interest in the field of communications, promote and encourage professional development, and provide opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas related to the field.

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